What are the likely reasons for the trend that juvenile delinquency is on the rise in many countries?


1.     Child is the centre of the family. Parents do everything what their child wants.

2.     In my opinion, it (rising juvenile delinquency) attributes to three reasons.

3.     Some parents thing their children will be better and better if they can afford their children want.

4.     They (teachers) pay little attention on that students are thinking.

5.     They (parents) do not know too much about their children what they did and what they thought.

6.     They addict some famous movie stars and bad hobbies.

7.     Many children addict to play these kind of games, so their homeworks can’t be finished on time.

8.     There are three main reason lead to this problem.

9.     Parents are divorced to be the important reason the trend rise.

10. No purpose on life make juvenile to make mistake easlier.

11. The prostitution film and TV program do bad effect to juvenile.

12. There are often happening some accidents of the gun hitting by students in U.S.

13. There are also many cases to hurt young students by juveniles in China.

14. This situation made some juveniles can not get help from adults when they need the help urgently.

15. There are many violence on TV.

16. There are many case about juvenile delinquency had happened in American. Such as the children was killed in the school.

17. They can’t divided the best or worse, they do that they think correct things.

18. The results of juvenile delinquency aren’t better to social steadly.

19. The juvenile whose parents divourced pros to be more ration for being out law.


Sample 1

       The juvenile delinquency is a major social problem in most countries nowadays. In my opinion, there could be three main reasons to affect the trend that it is on the rise in recent years.

       We must admit that through last 40 years, the world’s economic has been raisen greatly. Lots family have more money income. That makes parents pay more on their children than before. This also produce the chance for the children to be over spoiled that the child want to get everything in his/her mind. When the children become teens, after they have more “power” to get what they want, they also become more agressive to others. That will be the first reason – living condition influenced younger crime rising.

       The second, social activities, such as TV, movies, popular gangs, etc. is pushing juvenile delinquency to a higher grade potencialy in the same time, especially, active movies, horror movies, which are the favorate films to the children and teens, would influence their mind and behavior day after day. Because people in their childhood mostly like to learn what they like which has been seen in their favorate TV program and film.

       The third reason, in my opinion, is the educational factor. It happens mostly in the third country, which have a large population. Many children can’t afford or good enough to get into school. That causes them less educated in their young age. The less knowledge they have, the less law and regulation they know. In addition, they are in the age not mature enough to control themselves. They will behave delinquently and even make crimes when they are still young. (272 words, 5)


Sample 2

       With the high development of today’s society, great changes have taken place in  politics, economy and culture etc. However, a serious problem must be taken attention to, that the trend of juvenile delinquency is on the rise in many countries. Personally, I think the reasons lie in three points.

       Firstly, media misleads the juvenile’s viewpoint about the whole society. Nowadays, in order to face the taste of adults, violence, pornographic and crime are flooding in the media. Without the ability of distinguishing the right and wrong, the juvenile may sometimes believe that the world is as vicious as they see from the media. They will sometimes imitate the behavior of the hero in TV or film, which leads them to break the law.

       Secondly, parent also have responsibility. In most families, children are spoiled by their parent who think money, love, consist everything they can offer to their children. However, growing up in such comfortable enviroment, children lose the ability of competition. As time passes by, they tend to get everything they are eager to have. Suppose some wishes were not realized, juvenile would ask for the help of violence, etc.

       Furthermore, the education in some schools are also responsible for this problem. When imparting the academic knowledge, some teachers usually forget to teach the students how to fertile the right viewpoint of the life and world. This is really necessary in the whole education system.

       Maybe there are still some reasons of the problem. In my point of view, the reasons stated above are most serious and should be solved earlier. (262 words, 5)